Thursday, August 24, 2006

An open building, Kozanji Temple Kyoto

Kozanji, Kyoto sightseeing
The old buildings in Japan were generally designed to avoid the awful heat and humidity throughout summer into the inside of building. Like this photo, the rather big opening takes a breath of air inside and helps soften the midsummer-heat and humidity.

By the way, the bigness of the opening also has a good effect on the nicely scenery from the inside. Seen from the inside, the scenery outside is flamed by the pillars and thresholds, and turns a landscape picture.

We fully enjoy the scenery, changing throughout the year, because of the distinctive change of seasons. The quite simple decoration of the building adds the enchantment to the variegated hues.

This picture also show the excellent combination of the verdant green outside with the worn-out red carpet.

at Kozanji, Kyoto
Location by Google Map


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