Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Japanese traditional snack shop

A Japanese traditional snack shop
This was taken in front of a Japanese traditional snack shop, selling many kinds of snacks in old-fashioned glass cases with tin plate caps. The snacks contain of Senbei, Okaki, Arare, which usually are baked or fried and taste salty flavored with salt or soy sauce, sometimes with hot pepper. Some of them are sweet, seasoned with some sugar.

By the way, what are the differences between Senbei, Okaki and Arare??

Senbei is popular in Tokyo and the plate is round in shape and harder than Okaki and Arare. It is made of Uruchi-rice, a kind of rice, usually seasoned with soy sauce.

Okaki is popular in Osaka and Kyoto and is square in shape and smaller than Senbei. It is made of Mochi rice. The rice is also used for making Mochi.

Arare is similar to Okaki in taste but smaller than Okaki. It is also made of Mochi rice.

If you have a chance to go to Japan, why not try them??


At 10/03/2007 6:01 PM, Blogger Murphy_jay said...

Hi..the picture looks interesting. Will definitely try the sweets when I go Japan. :)


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