Friday, January 05, 2007

Golden Pavilion

Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto sightseeing
This is Golden Pavilion and one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto. Its walls and pillars are covered with gold leaf. Why was it covered with gold? This pavilion was made for the ruler in those days and for showing the power of the ruler to the people.

By the way, the pavilion broke down by fire about 55 years ago since a young man set fire on it. The building today was rebuilt after the breakdown. Why did the man set fire? The answer is in a great novel, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima....
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At 1/05/2007 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I must tell it, that I have a picture from this pavilion and also I am in this photo. If I remember right, there is very large park around the pavilion, it was so hot then...., but everything was so exotic and beautiful to a person from Scandinavia.

At 1/06/2007 4:41 AM, Blogger Felicia said...

A very powerful and expensive building! Looks very beautiful.

At 1/06/2007 7:03 AM, Blogger Kris said...

have u read the novel, macky?
tell us the man's motivation soon !

At 1/07/2007 6:36 AM, Anonymous Raquel said...

I really fall in love with Kyoto, what a beautiful places it has!!.

May I said something? I reveal the mystery... the main character Mizoguchi (who represents at Hayashi Yoken the original historic character that fired the palace) really had a complicated life and along the book explain his life.

At the end, he lives, actually he said: "I want live", but fist he had decided committed suicide, but changed the opinion at the last moment.

It is a beautiful novel, now I read the 7 bridges from the same author. I highly recommend their novels.

Sorry Macky to reveal it =OP

Un saludo,

At 1/07/2007 9:22 AM, Blogger macky said...

mimmu, felicia, kris, raquel
Thank you for the comments:-)

mimmu: Oh, have you been this pavilion in summer? I think it is very hot and humid in Kyoto's summer... There are many travellers around this palivion every time.
felicia: The ruler in those days were one of richest man in history, and so he was able to make it.
kris: The motivation is almost the same as Raquel wrote. Plus, the man said, "I set fire because it was too beautiful." He seemed to have some inferiority...
raquel: thank you for your excellent explanation!! You have read this novel? Stunning!! Mishima has a great sense of beauty, as well as Tanizaki Junichiro. By the way, "in praise of shadow" by Tanizaki is a bible for Japanese architects...


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