Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Personal thing is....

Excuse me for the personal thing, but today, 2nd May, is my birthday. The azaleas after the cherry blossoms celebrate my birthday:-))


At 5/02/2007 10:23 PM, Anonymous Raquel said...

Beautiful gift from the nature to you!!!. They are as beautiful as your heart.



At 5/03/2007 2:01 AM, Blogger Lothiane said...

This is a lovely photo of a lovely flower.

Happy birthday!

Greetings from Oslo, Norway

At 5/03/2007 3:06 PM, Blogger alphabet soup said...

Happy birthday Macky and a big thank you for your photos from Kyoto.

Ms Soup

At 5/03/2007 4:45 PM, Blogger Princess Haiku said...

Happy Birthday Macky and many more wonderful flowers for you this year.

At 5/03/2007 5:31 PM, Blogger pusa said...

Happy birthday! btw, nice flowers. hope you had a blast on your special day

At 5/03/2007 6:55 PM, Blogger macky said...

thank you for many comments:-))
Yesterday was very happy day!!
By the way, my birthday is the same as David Beckham though I am poor at foot ball..

At 5/07/2007 4:39 AM, Blogger Andreea said...

happy (belated) birthday macky. sorry i missed it!


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