Thursday, June 14, 2007

The rainy season

The rainy season, Kyoto
The rainy season, tsuyu(梅雨) in Japanese, reportedly started in Kyoto some days ago this year. The season usually last about for a mouth and it doesn't rain all during the season. But it rains very frequently. I don't like the season so much, but the rain changes streets, full of neon at night, into artworks. The rain at night makes the surface of asphalt and pavement full of gems, together with modest light of incandescent lamp. So I prefer wandering around the street at night in the gentle rain, just appreciating the free gems of luminous lights put on the mirror of wet surface, after drinking.


At 6/14/2007 10:05 PM, Blogger HAREKRISHNAJI said...

beautiful pictures

At 6/14/2007 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So do I. I like drizzle, not thunderstorm or downpour. Miss the rainy season, feeling all the things clean and energetic. Plants grow so fast in this season.

At 6/15/2007 5:22 PM, Blogger YETTE said...

i love this, it's very dramatic. =D

At 6/15/2007 10:45 PM, Blogger macky said...

Thank you for the comment, everyone!!
Yes, rain makes the dirty air clean and plants grow up. I need to thank the blessing of the nature.

At 6/16/2007 7:29 AM, Blogger zannnie said...

wonderful photo! love it ;)


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