Saturday, August 11, 2007

The beauty of Bonsai

The beauty of Bonsai, Kyoto, Japan
By the way, the beauty of Bonsai, a tree that is grown so that it always stays very small, or the art of growing trees in this way, is consisted of the contrast of the old with the new and the memory of the terra...

These branches are pine's ones and the pine tree is planted in a small pot. The branches and leaves are usually trimmed as we like.

The white branches are almost dying and the newer ones grows along the olds. The extremely twisted branches tell the weathered environment where the tree used to grow before this was planted. The pine may seemingly be grown at the cliff.

The contrast of dying branch and living one. The winding branches made by the harsh climate. These add the unique beauty to the small pine tree.


At 8/12/2007 2:22 PM, Blogger Forks and Forest said...

Interesting closeup. Thank you for the description as well.

At 8/13/2007 3:05 AM, Anonymous Raquel said...

Hi Macky!!

I love Bonsais, in fact I had one some years ago. They are very delicate, and need time to care them. I hope in a near future return to this hobby, since as you say, they are extremely beautiful.

Have a nice day!! =O))



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