Friday, May 04, 2007

A daily scenery at sightseeing spots


At 5/05/2007 5:22 PM, Blogger Dina said...

It must be hard for the person who is pulling

At 5/09/2007 10:16 PM, Blogger Miguel Angel Servellón said...

It is a very beautiful photography, congratulations

At 5/12/2007 4:26 PM, Blogger Princess Haiku said...

Are these just for tourists?

At 5/12/2007 11:44 PM, Blogger macky said...

Thank you for the comments!!

It looks hard to pull it and, fortunately, in the middle of Kyoto there are not slopes so much.

princess haiku,
Yes, it is only for tourist and we can see them in Tokyo.

At 8/24/2007 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like Arahiyama to me.

At 8/24/2007 5:53 AM, Blogger macky said...

Bingo!! You are right!! It is just in Arashiyama and just close to a famous restaurant Kiccho(吉兆) along the river.

At 1/04/2008 6:15 AM, Blogger Hyderabad Daily Photo said...


thanks for your visit and for sharing this link. I was surprised to know that you still have such rickshaws (even if only for tourists). I was curious to know what the bamboo(?) container was on the back of each rickshaw (except one) from which a green thread seems to be coming out.
Any idea what that could be?

BTW, we have rickshaws like that in Calcutta but the wheels are slightly different. They are larger. You can see a pic here:
In fact they are similar to old Japanese and Chinese rickshaws.


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