Monday, October 08, 2007

People who appreciating a garden at Ohara Hosen-in, Kyoto

People who appreciating a garden at Ohara Hosen-in, Kyoto

Roughly speaking, there are two kinds of gardens in Japan. Some are for enjoying it by walking around them and changing the scenery. The others are for appreciating them just by sitting on tatami mats of a house in front of them and seeing them. This garden is the latter. People go and see such gardens just like enjoying landscape paintings.

Maple leaves and bamboos make the scenery of the garden against the backdrop of the mountain. Both vegetation, maple and bamboo, are one of the best motifs for showing us the exquisite beauty of Kyoto. (Excuse me for too bad photo!!) So this garden is one of popular gardens in Kyoto in autumn.

By the way, here is the photo of the same garden without people in summer.


At 10/10/2007 1:08 AM, Blogger Bill said...

I am doing a lot of landscaping these days, and found this rather interesting. Nice shot.

At 10/10/2007 3:22 PM, Anonymous Raquel said...

Hi Macky =O))

I prefer your "bad" photo from Autumn since it shows the beauty of this season.

I love the different colors that appear in the leaves: brown, red, yellow. A lovely place to contemplate the nature, and relax a little away from the crazy city. =O))



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