Sunday, November 19, 2006

A gradation

Sanzenin Temple, Kyoto sightseeing
Japanese maple leaves gradually, not at one time, turn from green to yellow or red in autumn. Carefully looking at the last post "about hair accessory of Maiko", the ornaments of maple leaves have red, yellow and green color.

The scenery attracts so much people, like me, in Kyoto. Autumn is, as well as spring of cherry blossoms, high season for sightseeing in Kyoto.
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At 11/19/2006 3:16 AM, Blogger edwin s said...

beautiful shot! the colours of autumn always astound me and you framed it perfectly.

At 11/19/2006 7:27 PM, Blogger Ham said...

What wonderful gradation in colours, beatifully captured

At 11/19/2006 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This so beautiful, I would like to keep it my screensaver ! When I look at a view from my window now,
I can see only grey sky, white snow
and trees whithout leaves.After a couple of hours it`s dark. Now it`s one o`clock in afternoon. I miss most colours during winter.
So, thank you for this photo!

At 11/21/2006 8:22 PM, Blogger Lunar Chick said...

How beautiful... it's just so peaceful and amazing... could I copy this picture? My mother would absolutely love it.

At 11/21/2006 11:31 PM, Blogger macky said...

edwin s and ham: thank you for your comments!
mimmu: Thank you for your comments. Your country totally seems to turn the realm of black and white. I upload the other maple photo at yahoo photo at
I hope you enjoy it.
lunar chick: Thank you for enjoying my photo:-) of course!! Please be free to use the other photos at my yahoo photos(the above address).

At 11/25/2006 5:06 PM, Blogger Grant F said...

きれい!I love the autumn colours, especially around the temples of Kyoto and have to get up early to try and beat the crowds though!


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